Cancer treatment needs to be timely—studies show that when the time between diagnosis and treatment increases, so do mortality rates. But to be the most effective, treatment also needs to be personalized.

At Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, we provide advanced, academic breast cancer care in a community setting. Just days after we diagnose breast cancer, you’ll begin meeting with our experts to create a treatment plan tailored to you. We offer quick and easy access to high-level breast cancer care.

Breast Cancer Treatment: Why Choose Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health?

As a comprehensive cancer center, we offer new and innovative treatment options to personalize your care every step of the way. The benefits of receiving breast cancer care at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health include:

  • Unmatched breast cancer expertise: Our medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists dedicate themselves to treating breast cancer. They provide in-depth knowledge and experience in treating every stage and type of breast cancer and understand how to deliver the most effective treatment for you. Meet our breast cancer team.
  • Team-approach: We bring together specialists in all areas of breast cancer care to form a tumor board. They meet weekly and discuss every aspect of every patient’s care, from imaging to treatment to support.
  • Access to innovative treatments: We deliver standard treatment options that include the latest technologies and innovations in surgery, medical oncology and radiation treatment. Your care team also presents appropriate clinical trials as treatment options. You’ll have access to new and promising treatments and therapies through trials offered in Lancaster and at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia.
  • Individualized support: You’ll partner with one of our certified oncology nurse navigators from the time of diagnosis until completion of your care. Your navigator coordinates appointments, answers your questions and connects you with support services to manage side effects and other challenges.
  • Complete care close to home: We make expert cancer care convenient. All breast cancer treatments and surgeries take place at locations in Lancaster, including the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute and Lancaster General Hospital. Learn more about our breast cancer care locations.

How We Treat Breast Cancer

We work to design a treatment plan that’s effective and likely to have the least possible impact on your life. Our care includes a combination of treatments and surgery tailored to meet your needs. Your breast cancer treatment may include:

Breast Cancer Surgery

Surgery is a part of breast cancer treatment for most people. Whenever possible, we reduce scarring and recovery time by using advanced imaging and oncoplastic surgery, which combines breast cancer removal with plastic surgery techniques. Our breast surgeons and plastic surgeons work as a team to offer expert breast reconstruction following breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) or breast removal (mastectomy).

Learn more about breast cancer surgery.

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

At Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, we treat breast cancer with all types of radiation therapy, which uses high-energy X-rays to kill breast cancer cells. Our experts use a wide range of advanced technology to tailor treatments to each patient’s anatomy and diagnosis while protecting the heart and lungs.

Learn more about radiation therapy for breast cancer.

Medical Oncology for Breast Cancer

Medical oncology uses medications to slow or stop the growth of breast cancer. Some of these medicines work throughout the body (systemic). Other drugs are more personalized and target specific characteristics of a cancer. Medical oncology treatments used for breast cancer include:

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

We offer clinical trials in addition to standard treatment options whenever possible. Clinical trials provide access to new and promising treatments that aren’t available everywhere else. As a patient at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, you’ll have access to trials offered both in Lancaster and at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia.

Learn more about breast cancer research and clinical trials.

One Day at a Time: Jodi’s Story

Just before her 40th birthday, Jodi found out she had stage III breast cancer. The diagnosis shocked her, but Jodi was ready to jump into treatment. Her breast cancer team at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health created an aggressive treatment plan that included chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The surgery was complex, and the side effects of treatment were tough, but she leaned on the supportive care offered at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health to get through it all. Read Jodi’s story.

Request an Appointment for Breast Cancer Treatment

To make an appointment at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute, call 717-544-9400 or request a callback using our online form.

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