Breast cancer research fuels the advancement of breast cancer treatment. The more we study breast cancer, the better we become at detecting, diagnosing and treating it.

At Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, we offer the latest evidence-based treatments. We also provide access to promising treatment through clinical trials offered in Lancaster and Philadelphia. Our robust breast cancer research program allows us to deliver the most personalized treatment possible.

Learn more about cancer research and clinical trials at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.

Why Are Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Important?

Clinical trials play an important role in the development of promising drugs and treatments. Researchers and physicians use the information gained during clinical trials to understand how and when new medicines work best. Clinical trials also offer a glimpse of what to expect throughout the treatment.

For patients, clinical trials provide an opportunity to:

  • Access promising new treatments before they are widely available
  • Get expert medical care at a leading health center during the trial
  • Help others by contributing to the advancement of breast cancer treatment
  • Increase treatment options if standard treatments aren’t working

Breast Cancer Research: The Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Advantage

We base our comprehensive breast cancer care on leading-edge research. The benefits of research and clinical trials at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health include:

  • Access to a wide range of clinical trials: In addition to offering clinical trials at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, we collaborate with colleagues at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia to connect you with even more relevant clinical trials. Penn Medicine’s research program is responsible for many breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment. Learn more about breast cancer clinical trials at Penn Medicine.
  • Pioneers in BRCA research: Penn Medicine’s Basser Center for BRCA is the first comprehensive center focused on research for the prevention and treatment of BRCA-related cancers. We provide unique access to clinical trials for hereditary cancer.
  • Supportive care: Whether you are receiving standard treatment or treatment through a clinical trial, we are here to support you. Our breast cancer support services include both medical support and non-medical resources. We’ll help you manage side effects, afford your treatment and feel more like yourself.
  • Clinical trials close to home: You’ll have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials whenever possible. Those trials may take place in Lancaster at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute or at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia.

How Research Impacts our Breast Cancer Care

We use advanced research to constantly modify and improve our breast cancer care. It helps us to deliver forward-thinking, personalized breast cancer treatment at every stage of the disease.

We offer investigational treatments through clinical trials whenever appropriate as options for your care plan. You’ll have immediate access to the newest immunotherapy, targeted therapy and innovative treatment strategies. If you have a higher risk of breast cancer, we offer research opportunities that investigate everything from lifestyle modifications to novel types of screening to therapies for specific gene mutations.

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