Back Injury

Allison Pierce

Injuring your back is painful and troubling any time. Injuring your back during the COVID-19 pandemic when you have an underlying health condition raises additional concerns.

That is the situation Allison Pierce confronted in the spring of 2020 after suffering a back injury while working out. The 30-year old Lancaster woman was grateful to be able to receive physical therapy from the comfort and safety of her home, and says: “As someone who has previously experienced in-person PT, I can honestly say that I received the same level of care via telemedicine.

A Back Injury During A Pandemic

“When this first happened, I could barely lift my head from my pillow without pain,” said Allison, who quickly realized her injury was not going to heal on its own. She spoke with her physician who referred her for physical therapy.

“Needless to say, as a person with asthma, I was a little nervous about how physical therapy was going to work out,” said Allison. “That is until I spoke with Kevin Markovic, my physical therapist at the Norlanco location.

High-risk for COVID-19 Complications

Because Allison had a condition that put her at higher risk for complications should she contract COVID-19, Kevin offered the option of receiving physical therapy through a video visit. Video visits allow both the patient and therapist to see each other through the use of a camera-enabled smart phone or computer. 

“I was beyond thrilled to have that option,” remembers Allison.

“We navigated through Allison’s initial evaluation gathering information and using modified clinical tests and measures to assess her lumbar spine range of motion, posture, and core strength,” said Kevin. 

Based on the evaluation, Kevin developed a treatment plan for her low back injury. Using online technology, he shared a home exercise program and updated it as needed. He also provided a guide, outlining the proper way to do the exercises, for Allison to reference. 

A Successful and Seamless Virtual Rehabilitation 

“My telemedicine experience not only fixed my back; it was a seamless process that I was able to fully complete from my own home,” said Allison. “All I needed was a device that had a camera and internet connection.

She appreciated that Kevin was able to teach, examine and educate her virtually, and how attentive he was to her progress.

“When I would get stuck on a specific exercise, I was able to discuss with Kevin via phone, email, or during our video session where he could physically see my issues, and provide an immediate solution,” she said. 

Allison appreciated everything about virtual physical therapy.

“I am so grateful for the telemedicine experience,” said Alison. “It provides easy, safe, and flexible communication from wherever you are. I hope to continue to utilize telemedicine in the future.”

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