Student internships are not only a valuable educational tool for the student, but also a rewarding experience for our department.

The Foster G. McGaw Award
The Foster G. McGaw Award
The Community Health Department is focused on providing strategic community health improvement initiatives for all people in Lancaster County. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health received the 2018 American Hospital Association’s Foster G. McGaw Prize for Excellence in Community Service.

Our goal is to provide a diverse and comprehensive experience for Interns that allows them to apply multiple principles and practices learned in the classroom. The Intern will leave the experience with at least one project that they have developed or significantly impacted.

If you are interested in opportunities in other departments (e.g., administration, social work, occupational therapy), please contact that department directly.


The following are examples of objectives that interns could meet during their time with our department:

  1. Assess and conduct surveillance of health issues and services in a population.
  2. Increase knowledge of theories and practices related to community health planning and behavior modification including Transtheoretical Models of Health Behaviors, Socioecological Models, or Community-based Logic Models.
  3. Develop an understanding of how to conduct a needs assessment, asset inventory, and/or gap analysis as well as program development and evaluation.
  4. Become proficient in the appraisal of public health policies.
  5. Design, implement and manage coalition/community initiatives and activities.


  • A current affiliation agreement between LG Health and the university if receiving credit. If not receiving school credit, student must complete the volunteer application process and attend a mandatory volunteer orientation.
  • Liability insurance, provided by the school or university
  • Fingerprinting background check
  • PA PATCH (criminal history)
  • Act 33 (child abuse) clearance
  • Required immunizations
  • Drug screen
  • **Please note that internships are unpaid by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. If accepted for an internship, it can take up to 6 weeks to obtain required clearances. Clearances and proof of required immunizations must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to your start date

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